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How To Measure

How to Measure for Window Treatments

It would make life so much easier if windows were standard, but they are not, so we have supplied you with a few measuring tips that may be helpful.

Please Note: These tips are intended to be used as a guideline and may not apply to all situations. When in doubt, measure the length and width of your windows from inside casing to inside casing and outside casing to outside casing.

Tip #1

The more information you have will help you paint a picture of your space to our sales staff. Take a photo of the windows and the surrounding space that you can email to us so that our staff has a visual.

Tip #2

Use a metal measuring tape. Cloth tapes can stretch and are difficult to hold straight. Have a friend help hold one end of the measuring tape if your window is too wide or too tall for you to measure on your own.

Tip #3

Record all your measurements and label them clearly.
Measuring for Panels or Panel Pairs and Tiers/Cafes:
Measure the width of your window from outside casing to outside casing. Measure the length of your window from outside top of casing to the bottom of the casing.

Helpful Hint. Where will your rods be mounted?

Envision where you will put your rods. You may want to give the illusion that a window is larger than it really is and you may want to show off the window molding. You can put your window rods wider and higher than your window casing (to make the window appear larger) or you can put your rods on your window casing (to show off the molding) - the choice is up to you. If you already have rods in place, measure the width of your rod and the length from the rod down to where you want the bottom of your curtain to hang.

Panel / Pairs (rod pocket or tab top) are generally shirred (gathered) onto a rod/pole, which means that you will need extra fabric to achieve the fullness. Generally, you gather onto the rod 1 1/2 to 2 times the width to achieve this look.

Pinch pleat curtains have their fullness sewn into them, so there is no need to double the width. When hanging Pinch pleat drapes using clip rings on a decorative rod, you may wish to adjust the height of your hardware to achieve thelength you want.

Tiers/Cafes curtains typically begin at the middle of a window or slightly higher to the sill.